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28 October 2014
Jonathan Creek

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Jonathan Creek
Episode Guide
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The complete guide to Jonathan Creek: Mysteries, solutions, trivia, clips and quizes.

Plus, commentaries from from star Alan Davies and series creator and Executive Producer David Renwick.
Gorgon's Wood (28th February 2004)
 The disappearance of a priceless relic baffles Jonathan.
The Chequered Box (21st February 2004)
 Has a top detective commited murder?
The Seer of the Sands (14th February 2004)
 How can a man communicate from beyond the grave?
The Tailor's Dummy (15th March 2003)
 Why would a leading designer jump to his death?
Angel Hair (8th March 2003)
 Can a woman regrow a full head of hair in less than a day?
The Coonskin Cap (1st March 2003)
 Who is the killer in the Davey Crockett hat?
Satan's Chimney (26th December 2001)
 What is the deadly secret of an ancient castle?
The Three Gamblers (2nd January 2000)
 How can a dead man climb a flight of stairs?
Miracle in Crooked Lane (28th December 1999)
 A mystery with a solution as clear as day?
Ghost's Forge (18th December 1999)
 The ultimate case of writer's block.
The Omega Man (11th December 1999)
 The truth is out there. Or is it?
The Eyes of Tiresias (4th December 1999)
 How could an old lady predict a future murder?
The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish (27th November 1999)
 A deal with the devil poses a problem for Jonathan.
Black Canary (24th December 1998)
 A famous illusionist commits suicide - or does she?
Mother Redcap (28th February 1998)
 A shocking death proves a challenge for Jonathan.
The Problem at Gallow's Gate part two (21st February 1998)
 Who really killed Felicity Vale. Jonathan has the answer.
The Problem at Gallow's Gate part one (14th February 1998)
 Badger-watching leads to the discovery of a murder.
The Scented Room (7th February 1998)
 A priceless painting disappears. Who is responsible?
Time Waits for Norman (31st January 1998)
 Can a man really be in two places at once?
Danse Macabre (24th January 1998)
 A spooky disappearance at Halloween baffles Maddy.
The House of Monkeys (7th June 1997)
 How is a respected scientist murdered in a locked room?
No Trace of Tracy (31st May 1997)
 A rock legend is accused of kidnapping a young fan.
The Reconstituted Corpse (24th May 1997)
 A deadly delivery puzzles Maddy.
Jack in the Box (17th May 1997)
 A once-popular comedian dies in mysterious circumstances.
The Wrestler's Tomb (10th May 1997)
 A famous artist is killed, but whose alibi is false?

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