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28 October 2014
Jonathan Creek

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Jonathan Creek | Episode Guide
The Problem at Gallow's Gate Part Two
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Guest stars Alistair Petrie, Jennifer Piercey, Clark Peters and Stuart Milligan.

Directed by Keith Washington

First transmitted 21st February 1998

Ratings 8.94 million
The Puzzle:
Jonathan and Maddy are having a hard time convincing the police that they aren't involved in the murder of Felicity Vale. Matters aren't helped by the fact that Maddy has been less than complimentary about the detective in charge of the case in one of her books.

Do the healing hands of Felicity's housemate Clare hold the answer, or perhaps former lover Neville Bruce and his new fiancée Kiko?

Jonathan begins to suspect that Kitty may not have witnessed a murder after all... [Solution]
Five quick questions to test your knowledge of the episode.
Alan Davies
"I really enjoyed The Problem at Gallows Gate because it was a two-parter. It meant there was a lot more room for the comedy side. Often the mystery takes precedence over the comedy all the time, and the sub plot is supposed to have been cut out altogether, which makes all the mystery work.

"David didn't really like doing a two-parter because he buries the clues so deeply it seems a shame to reintroduce them all at the beginning of the second part, you know, doing 'Previously on Jonathan Creek' gives away the clue. But we had this fantastic comedy plot in that one with Klaus's sister and the jazz musician who was pretending to be blind."
By the letter:
As Jonathan notes, E is the most commonly used letter of the alphabet. It's followed by T, A, O, I, N, S, R, H, L, D, C, U, M, F, P, G, W, Y, B, V, K X, J, Q and finally Z.

What's up Doc?:
Duncan is revealed to be a closet Doctor Who fan. When the police raid his secret hideaway, a copy of The Twin Dilemma, starring The Wrestler's Tomb's Colin Baker, can clearly be seen amongst the evidence being carted away.
The Solution: (point your mouse over the space below)
Duncan and his military pals replaced a section of lawn beneath the balcony he jumped from with netting and fake turf, to allow him to land safely. He subsequently went into hiding. Adam's sister Kitty didn't see Duncan strangle Felicity at Gallow's Gate; she actually saw him preventing her from taking her own life with pills after former squeeze Neville had rejected her.

Duncan removed Felicity's tights to prevent her from harming herself further and locked her in the bathroom. Clare, returning to Gallow's Gate, witnessed the scene and, after Duncan had left, strangled Felicity out of spite. She had an unusually firm grip, being an osteopath, after all.

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