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28 October 2014
Jonathan Creek

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Jonathan Creek | Episode Guide
The Coonskin Cap
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Guest stars Adrian Edmonson, Terence Hillyer, Anna Wilson Jones and Stuart Milligan.

Directed by Christine Gernon

First transmitted 1st March 2003

Ratings 8.6 million
The Puzzle:
Jonathan and Carla investigate the case of Heather Davey, a policewoman who has been impossibly strangled to death inside an empty gymnasium. The only clue to the killer's identity is the macabre shadow of a man wearing a Davey Crockett hat witnessed lurking near the scene of the murders. Heather's boss - and lover - Inspector Ted Parnevik is seemingly baffled.

Brendan Baxter, the producer of a thrusting new "true crime" series, is quick to recruit Jonathan to accelerate the inquiry. But when Creek discovers the show's new presenter is his old sparring partner Carla Borrego, events take an awkward turn.

Jonathan suspects that the killer in the coonskin cap may not be all that he at first appears, and as the mystery deepens, the macabre image of Edvard Munch's expressionist painting The Scream unexpectedly turns out to be a key turning point in his deductions. [Solution]
Five quick questions to test your knowledge of the episode.
Alan Davies
"Ade Edmondson is a very bright guy and he can talk about any subject. It's just nice to have bright, smart, talented people around the place. That's what you hope for when you work in telly.

"[Unlike Ade] there are a lot of comedians who can't act for toffee - and there are a lot of actors who can't time a joke for love nor money too. It's just either you can do it or you can't, and I think you have to be careful whoever you are, whatever actor you are, to make sure the roles are right and fit you and you're convincing in them.
David Renwick
"I can't remember which came first, Brendan Baxter or the Crimewatch type show, but the Eyes and Ears was obviously a very useful tool for me within this series. It gets you in and out of various crimes, plus you can make a little bit of satirical comment about the exploitative nature of these shows. Are they in any way voyeuristic? Creek obviously thinks they are.

"The suggestion is that I'm having a little bit of a go about the obsessiveness of people in television - ratings, focus groups, and all that stuff - so it gave me more fertile areas to operate in."
If the cap fits:
Frontier legend Davey Crockett began his military career as a scout in the Tennessee militia, and died in the battle of the Alamo on 6th March, 1836. In the 1950's, Disney's Davey Crockett TV show became the small screen's first marketing phenomenon. At that time there wasn't a kid in America who didn't sport Crockett's famous (ra)coon skin hat, with its distinctive tail.
The Solution: (point your mouse over the space below)
Parnevik, frustrated that Heather was simply using him to further her career, staged her murder, using a doctored bullet-proof vest designed to inflate and suffocate her like a blood pressure sleeve in the empty gymn. Although the the figure in the Davey Crockett hat was a red herring in this case - she had killed the previous two victims. The shadow of her big, curly hair, tied back with a scrunchie, gave the appearance of a Coonskin cap.

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