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18 June 2014
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Ghosts of Albion

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Week Six

The Darkness that's coming

I hope today finds you all rested and happy.

Since my blog on Friday, I have seen Smoke and Mirrors' post. He's given us more clues as to the identity of the peril that's coming, "born in a tower of shadows beneath the eye of a mad king."

Well, you lot have been brilliant about coming up with ideas, including Mad King George III, the Roman Emperor Claudius (surely Caligula? - Ed), a Median king - Astyages, King George IV (the son of 'Mad' King George III) and Beleth - a fallen angel (also dubbed The Mad King).

So many possibilities, from so many periods, so many cultures and lands. Who is it? I still don't know.

But one thing I do know. Smoke and Mirrors has the answers. He accuses someone of relaying false information, backing this claim up with the words, "You LIE, sir... I should know." I feel helpless as I can only sit back and wait for more clues from someone who is clearly an enemy.

And yet, what choice do I have? Smokey says the darkness is going to claim me. Well, I'm ready for it. But I don't know what 'it' is.

Life feels very uncertain right now.

28th April 2003

The Enemy Revealed

Smoke and Mirrors has posted again. And this time he's revealed who he is.

Thanks all of you for the knowledge, research and thoughts you have brought to the site within minutes of his posting.

Smoke and Mirrors has claimed to be Gilles de Rais, a vile man from history, who though he fought alongside Joan of Arc, was eventually tried and found guilty of torturing and murdering more than two hundred children. An evil, sick individual who most certainly convened with dark forces.

Knowing his identity gives me strength as I know who I'm up against. Knowing how and when he's going to strike is still a mystery. But now we know what evil faces us.

There are more truths to be exposed. Whatever they may be, please know that your help and friendship have been paramount. All that I have told you I have done so in good faith. Believe me, the darkness is out there, and I am not part of it. You will understand soon what I mean.

29th April 2003

The Truth About Tamara Swift

Smoke and Mirrors has made a claim about me. He has called me the Current Protector of Albion.

It is true.

I am sorry I have lied to you, my good, true friends. But you will see why this was necessary in time.

I cannot write anymore for now, I am in danger.

I promise I will explain as best I can, very soon.

30th April 2003

By way of apology and explanation

I know a lot of you will be reading this with a certain amount of anger and hurt. Especially if you have been reading the things written in my absence yesterday on the message boards.

Please accept my apologies for the deceit. I did indeed lie to you. I told you that I had no magical powers, that I knew not who the current Protector of our country was. That I was an innocent brought onto this project by good fortune and chance. None of it is true.

I am the current Protector. I have spent most of my years fighting the very things I pretended to you I had never encountered. And now, I must explain why.

I knew for a long time that something was coming. Something of great evil that was to be a massive threat to Albion's peace and safety. But I could not find out who or what it was. So I decided to make my search high profile. I came to the BBC with the intention of seeking out whoever or whatever was coming. I succeeded.

I also knew that I would need allies to aid me in the impending fight and that I could rely on some of the Ghosts of Albion, if only I could locate them. From old journals and maps from the days of Ludlow Swift, of William and Tamara, and subsequent Protectors, I discovered clues that would lead me to the locations and identities of Ghosts who might be able to aid me.

Sadly, I underestimated the cunning and malice of my opponent, and in exposing those allies, inadvertently had them destroyed. But that has now stopped. I have found a way of protecting those last few we found.

But I need more help.

I know I have lied to you, my dear friends, who have shown me nothing but support and extended your help and skills. But, if you can find it in your hearts and souls to understand my motives and to forgive me, can I call upon your help once more?

No longer do I have the locations to find my allies. All that remains to me are a handful of names. I know these ghosts have aided Albion in the past, but I must now search for them.

I pray that in your forgiveness, you will help me do so. I will post what information I have on the ghost that I am seeking in the clues page. Please go there and see who it is I seek. I need to know where that person haunts. I need to reach him and bring him onboard and into safety as soon as can be.

The battle has commenced. May we all stand strong in the light.

1st May 2003

Those who help me...

Thanks for all your kind words of support and encouragement on the message boards. It means a lot to know I have not distanced you because of what has transpired.

I thought I'd talk a little about why and how I ventured into this.

There are many defenders of Albion, both living and dead, and it was my good fortune to make the acquaintances of those who were in positions to help me. Amongst them are some in positions of great power and influence (not every rich, successful industry leader is motivated solely by profit and the bottom line).

And it is through some of those contacts at the BBC that I managed to get this site created. Well, at least one can't argue that the license fee is not worth the money when it's being used to save the country! Obviously I can't say who ­ but those who have helped me know who they are. Others, such as yourselves, have come into my world through this endeavour.

So I never will regret doing it, despite the rather nasty consequences of exposing this truth.

Lastly, I asked for help locating Sir Francis Drake, a possible ally for my fight. You have suggested various places. I plan to leave this weekend to search him out. I'll return next Monday, so if I'm late in posting my blog that day, fear not. I'll just be late, note gone.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend. I'm off to beat a drum.

2nd May 2003

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