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18 June 2014
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Ghosts of Albion

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Week Two

My Family

Hello all - hope you had a restful and demon-free weekend.

I thought I'd start this week's blogs with some history about my family.

As you have seen, Tamara and William are about to inherit a legacy passed to them from their grandfather Ludlow. Ludlow was a fantastic magician, but had been hiding this teeny-weeny little secret from his family. Sadly, I think he just didn't expect the end would come so quickly, so hadn't prepared the next generation fully.

Ludlow was passed his gift from his Uncle Morris. He used it well and was a great protector of Albion. It's terrible the way he died, but I'm afraid that hand-in-hand with the darkness that exists on the realms of our world, is the knowledge that not all good people see a good end. As for Dr Hillman and Tamara and William's father - again, the existence of such demons sometimes infringes on the living in an unpleasant way, as was the case with the Swifts.

You'll just have to wait and see how that pans out... I'm sworn to secrecy, so don't even think of bribing me with chocolate (though FYI, my favourite is Terry's Chocolate Orange - but that discussion's for another day)!

Oh, and you lot have been busy over the weekend. Thanks so much for the postings on my message board. I am incorporating some of your research into the clues and map location pages later this afternoon, so anyone new coming in will know not to start a new discussion with information we've already got.

31st March 2003

Ghost watch

Morning all, hope no one's been the recipient of any dastardly April Fool's today!

I just wonder how many japes and jokes have been the cover for people seeing strange things and not wanting to admit the weirdness? Anyway, I digress. I thought I'd follow on from yesterday's blog with some chat about the ghosts themselves.

So far, we've met Lord Byron - hands up all those who love this man. A dreamy, talented but wicked male who wrote some amazing poetry, Byron was a famous figure as much in his day as posthumously. You get a sense (well I do, at least) that Tamara's pretty impressed with meeting such a legend. Shame he's dead, as I see a little flirtation between them.

Imagine what it would be like to meet the ghost of an idol! For me, I think it would have to be Elvis, preferably in the form of his early days (though I know I shouldn't be so superficial but, hey, he was gorgeous!). Maybe Elvis is a Protector too - now wouldn't that be something to see!

Interesting twists happening on the message board. I sense a bit of resistance from certain quarters. I wonder why?

1st April 2003

Is the truth out there?

I didn't sleep so well last night. Must be all this talk of ghosts and demons and the other world we know so little about.

I have to say, I love programmes like the X Files, Taken, Twilight Zone... but watching them becomes uncomfortable when you know that fiction and fact are much less further apart then most people are aware. I wonder whether Steven Spielberg knows the truth. He certainly makes films and TV with a compelling sense of inside knowledge.

It's important, of course, to live without fear, but I do believe we must be careful, as you never know when something untoward may happen. But then again - you can't take every spooky thing that happens or that someone says literally - check out my message boards to see what I mean...

But enough doom and gloom talk... thanks for all the help on the puzzles. I'll be posting the next two tomorrow. Let's hope we can find their identities just as quickly.

2nd April 2003

The next instalment

Morning everyone. No doubt you've all woken and leapt out of bed to switch on your computers to feed your fix for the next stage of the Ghosts of Albion drama. Well, it should be on any time now, so hold on because it just gets better and much more scary.

I'm also putting up clues three and four that I've found on Ludlow's map. I think they're both pretty cryptic, and I'll be very impressed by those of you that can make any sense of them at all. But since you wowed me with your knowledge and research skills last time, I have plenty of faith in y'all!

Also, just like to talk about the messages I've been getting on the boards. Most are brilliant, but there is a little mischievous disturbance going on which may have some of you regulars questioning why I'm really here and what's really going on. Please believe me when I tell you that all I've said is true.

I am doing research into my ancestors, who just happen to be a little quirkier than most people's. I also believe the world is not exactly how it appears to be, but then a lot of people believe that too.

So, once again ­ no big conspiracy ­ certainly no alien abductions ­ just some good old fashioned story-telling and some bit and pieces I have found that you lot are kind enough to help me with.

No more no less. Enjoy Act II. Until tomorrow...

3rd April 2003

A rude awakening

Well, what did y'all think of Act II? Pretty hair-raising stuff eh? And that wasn't in any way due to the new gel I'd just bought either!

Yes, William and Tamara have found themselves alone, without the support and help from their family and more importantly, the one man who has all the answers. Now they're relying on a prancing poet and a big, naked woman ­ waaey haaey, I hear some of you cry ­ not a bad situation if you put it like that!

Maybe, but all jokes aside, things are starting to happen that are putting them in grave danger. It must be terrifying to have a rude awakening into the 'real' world by having to fight it straight away.

But they seem to be managing. Tamara pulled that little magic trick from nowhere to defeat the possessed doctor, so at least the legacy must have passed from Ludlow in time. And now, Ludlow's old friend Nigel has come onto the scene too, so the protectors have some allies at least!

And, as most of you who visit the message boards will have seen, the clues have been up and answered. Already! Phewwww... Carol Vorderman has nothing on you lot! Thanks a million for that. I've a feeling that finding these identities so quickly is going to prove invaluable.

4th April 2003

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