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18 June 2014
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Dream a Little Dream
Teleplay by Steven Rae
Directed by Ian Watson

Zhaan has been having bad dreams and, stuck on one of Moya's transports with Crichton, she finally opens up and reveals that she's been dreaming of his death. Not just his but also D'Argo's and Aeryn's. In her dream she keeps flashing back to the time when Moya starburst away from Scorpius, abandoning the others to probable death.

And now, for the first time, she's willing to tell Crichton what happened next to she, Rygel and Chiana. While Moya strained to go looking for her starship son, Talyn, Zhaan had persuaded the ship to search for Aeryn's Prowler. Zhaan got ever desperate while Rygel got drunk until they ran out of planets to search.

Only, on the very last planet, Zhaan stumbles into deep trouble. Conned into transgressing the tiniest of laws, she's incarcerated. With her desperation driving her to panic and wild actions, plus Moya threatening to leave for good, the trio face ever escalating problems.

Home on the Remains

  •  Mind the Baby

  •  Vitas Mortis

  •  Taking the Stone

  •  Crackers don't Matter

  •  The Way We Weren't

  •  Picture if you Will

  •  Home on the Remains

  •  Dream a Little Dream

  •  Out of Their Minds

  •  Look at the Princess Part 1

  •  Look at the Princess Part 2

  •  Look at the Princess Part 3

  •  My Three Crichtons

  •  Beware of Dog

  •  Won't Be Fooled Again

  •  The Locket

  •  The Ugly Truth

  •  A Clockwork Nebari

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 1

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 2

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 3

  •  Die Me Dichotomy

  •  To Season One

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