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18 June 2014
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Teleplay by Justin Monko
Directed by Tony Tilse

The crew's plan to rescue D'Argo's son are instead put into play to rescue Crichton. But with Scorpius's neural control over Crichton's brain, maybe John doesn't want to be rescued.


Farscape - image of Crichton.

The storytelling felt more basic, somehow cruder than in the first two episodes as characters told us what they were doing rather than doing it. And the convenience of the crew having found just one representative of each race became as nothing to how most of them sacrificed themselves.

But equally the idea of Scorpius using the depository had seemed like a budget decision and it wasn't. Yes, we kept coming back to the same expensive sets but it meant that when the conclusion came, Aeryn's solution was a clever choice that we understood rather than the handy cop-out that it might have been.

Ben Browder is simply excellent, too, as Crichton becomes ever more controlled by Scorpius. That ought to feel like SF cliché, but it's done so well that you feel an episode with Crichton battling himself would be good enough.

If only Scorpius didn't keep surviving everything. This time out the entire base is destroyed by Talyn but you'd be foolish to bet money on Scorpius being toast.


  • Even in the midst of a mental breakdown, Crichton still hangs on to 20th Century Earth pop culture: he briefly sang 'Daisy, Daisy', as did HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Farscape - Little Girl Blue

  • The special effects shot of Rygel landing the transport the first time was just flipped horizontally for the second.

  • Aeryn and D'Argo's exchange "Good shot" and "I was aiming for between his eyes" is a reference to The Magnificent Seven. A similar exchange was in Blake's 7.

  • The scene when Aeryn wonders whether there's anyone behind the door and we see dozens of soldiers is surely a nod to the final moments of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  • Why didn't Scorpius already know everything about the plan to rescue Crichton if he'd got a spy on Moya? Just when did Scorpius recruit him anyway?

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