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18 June 2014
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Teleplay by Grant McAloon
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Stark is back, and he's found a way to rescue D'Argo's son. Or so he continues to claim, even as his plan lands the crew in ever-worsening danger!


Stark coming improbably back to life was fine, Stark becoming effectively an entirely new character wasn't. That niggle aside, this was Farscape at its most movie-like. Confidencet, pacey, glorious effects and a nice use of jeopardy.

It was especially brave how (don't make any assumptions until next week!) Crichton has killed Scorpius. There is no other series on television that would have done this: they would all have made that fight and his death the culmination of the entire trilogy. It's the obvious big ending. Farscape is really telling us not to expect the obvious. Instead wait for what they've got planned for us.

Interestingly, Farscape has a tendency to be especially good when the action is confined to a small location like a secure base. Nerve was a high spot of the first season, for instance. Many shows conjure stories in confined locations to save money, here it looks like an artistic rather than financial decision.

True, Look at the Princess (the last three parter), opened very well only to tail off. So you have to be wary, but it has to be a good thing when Zhaan finally gets something to do. Oddly Aeryn did get to be a medic, something that Zhaan would ordinarily do.


  • Why couldn't Stark find Moya as he, and everyone else, has so easily done before?


  • Stark also recovered very quickly. Why didn't he reconstitute that mask when he did the rest of his clothes? True, he could have bought those clothes but they're identical to his last costume.

  • With intentional irony, Moya is invaded at the end in exactly the same way that the crew infiltrate the bank's security.

  • Aeryn and Crichton have grown Matrix style coats.

  • If it were so easy to make communicators that would not be detected, why didn't they do that first time out?

  • How did D'Argo manage to get back into the base's systems when Stark made so much fuss about the one time it could be done?

  •  Mind the Baby

  •  Vitas Mortis

  •  Taking the Stone

  •  Crackers don't Matter

  •  The Way We Weren't

  •  Picture if you Will

  •  Home on the Remains

  •  Dream a Little Dream

  •  Out of Their Minds

  •  Look at the Princess Part 1

  •  Look at the Princess Part 2

  •  Look at the Princess Part 3

  •  My Three Crichtons

  •  Beware of Dog

  •  Won't Be Fooled Again

  •  The Locket

  •  The Ugly Truth

  •  A Clockwork Nebari

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 1

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 2

  •  Liars, Guns and Money Part 3

  •  Die Me Dichotomy

  •  To Season One

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