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18 June 2014
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Look at the Princess Part 3
Teleplay by David Kemper
Directed by Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse

If this episode focussed only on the central story about Crichton and his forced marriage to the Princess, this would have been a good if not outstanding conclusion to the trilogy. As it was, the other stories dragged it down.

Zhaan's adventures with the Builders who created Moya were yet another poor excuse to keep her away from the plot.

Similarly, Aeryn's running off up a hill and then falling back down it failed to engage!

While you would expect the concluding episode of a trilogy to be more tightly bound into the plot than the middle one, this somehow didn't work as well as episodes 1 or 2. Perhaps that was partly due to Princess Katralla having more to do in the title than in the episode. The weighting felt wrong.

On the other hand, surely nobody could have predicted John's head being decapitated in the opening moments. It was also good to see D'Argo back to his battling self, even if it was for the ancient SF cliché of fighting to protect his girlfriend.

Normally Farscape has an organic feel, with the character plots escalating naturally from one problem to the next. This time, though, D'Argo had to go through all that fighting to stop Chiana falling into the acid solely because he had already dropped her in it, so to speak.

Neither was there any true conflict between D'Argo and Cargn. When Cargn finds out Crichton and Scorpius aren't working together, it almost feels as if he's just saying "Oh, alright, then".

back to ploton to did you notice?

Look at the Princess Part 3

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