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18 June 2014
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You sent us your reviews of Promises, and we present to you our top three. Remember, if you've got something to say about a Farscape episode - send us your review.

Take a look at the Farscape fan reviewer Roll of Honour so far.

Stephen Brennan
Promises was quite an intriguing episode in many ways. There were so many alliances being formed and broken it was difficult to know who was trusting who. The reunion of Crichton and Aeryn took place in true Farscape style with Aeryn collapsing just before what would have been a clichéd embrace.

The addition of Scorpius to Moya's crew compliment was an interesting move and will probably make way for some interesting plot developments as the season goes on. Unfortunately the removal of Harvey (which was annoyingly underplayed) takes away the possibility of Scorpius vs. Scorpius.

The chameleon bad guys seemed to have been added in order to avoid the episode being 50 minutes of Crichton and Aeryn trying to pick up where they left off. This was proved by its destruction by the Peacekeeper 'super-weapon,' itself another annoying side plot.

So all in all not the best Farscape episode ever, but the different plot arcs all suggest to me that something big is brewing. Maybe Promises will indeed live up to its name.

We all knew there’d be a twist to the much awaited reunion between John and Aeryn, but what would it be? Despite the TV schedules trailing 'Aeryn has heat delirium' I’ll bet not one of us figured we’d see her in a Scorpy-like plastic cooling suit. And with Farscape there was always the chance that she might end up in the suit for the rest of the series and become some dark soul-mate for Scorpy.

In the end the Aeryn thing was resolved with a rather weak 'It’s a virus, lets get the antidote' plot line. The real kicker was the death of Harvey.

I have enjoyed the Harvey moments immensely over the series, and this episode’s Quentin Tarantino pastiche - all shades and suits - was a real pleasure. I’ve always preferred Scorpy in John’s head rather than Scorpy in the flesh, so I’d have been happier if John had topped the real one instead.

Okay, so the tension between John and Scorpy is one of the drivers in the series, but having him on Moya, Crais-like, looks like pulling the same trick twice.

And then, the moment we were all waiting for, right at the end. Where has the baby gone? Was it born or aborted by the heat virus? When will the agony end? The tortured relationship between the only human in the uncharted territories and our favourite PK continues...

Angela Dunn
Farscape is an odd show at the best of times but this definitely took the cracker. Aeryn's back - a good point, but the episode went downhill from there.

New gal Sikozu is way too intelligent - able to talk Pilot's language without translator microbes. And with Aeryn's return there seems to be a bit of role reversal from last season. Now its John's turn to watch a dying Aeryn... again.

The whole hologram thing wasn't very original - sci-fi shows of the past have been there and done that. And though I did love the John-Harvey Tarentino take-off, the rather abrupt ending to Harvey was a let down.

The whole episode was a bit shoddy in plot. You could do better, people.

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