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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide


Commanding tones: Ben Browder's voice is heard announcing "Previously on Farscape." They are all having a go!

Because she's worth it: Aeryn's hair seems rather different - thicker, longer and straighter. Been to the Toni and Guy's of the Uncharted Territories then?

Not tongue-tied: We see some D'Argo tongue action once again. That makes three times so far this season...

Learn Pilot with Linguaphone!: Demonstrating her mastery of languages, Sikozu halts the DRDs around Scorpius with a few words in Pilot. Scorpius also knows the lingo, as well as chatting away in Scarran. Does this mean he doesn't have any translator microbes either?

Don't you know where that's been?: "Give me an arn with Aeryn and a tokar knife... " says Rygel, ominously. It's even more threatening when the fact that a tokar knife is a ritual Luxan knife used in some sort of self-circumcision ceremony, as mentioned in I, E.T..

The John Crichton guide to pop culture.

Pick your nemesis: "Kryptonite. Silver bullet. Buffy?" John sardonically lists some things that might finally do Scorpius in. Kryptonite is the only thing that can defeat Superman, silver bullets are deadly to werewolves, and Buffy is, of course, the Vampire Slayer.

DRDs on tap and mini-bar: Fed up with Peace Keeper enemies requesting their aid, Crichton asks if they're running a B & B on Moya. "We have a sign outside saying Free HBO?" he says in disgust - a reference to US cable channel Home Box Office, responsible for programmes like Sex and the City. Sadly for Scorpius, the room he ends up in is hardly palatial - a prison cell with a hard bed, and no fruit basket.

Special Delivery: "Candygram!" yells John on entering Ullom's ship. Candygrams, unfortuately not available in the UK, are a sort of chocolate-based Interflora, delivering fine confectionery and greetings to order. Amongst their specialities is the Williecake (yes, really), described as "The World's Richest, Densest, Darkest, Chocolatiest, Award-Winning Torte". Yum.

Let's go to work: Harvey and John meet in a couple of heavily Quentin Tarantino-influenced scenarios. Wearing sharp suits, the two head off down a corridor in a homage to the opening scenes of Pulp Fiction, and a later showdown between the two takes place in a warehouse highly reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs.

Red Leviathan: John calls Ullom, the Lukythian captain, Holly. This could well be a reference to ship's computer Holly from classic space comedy Red Dwarf. As Ullom makes so much use of holograms, and Holly actually is a hologram, it's very appropriate.

For more information on Holly, check out the BBCi Red Dwarf site.

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