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18 June 2014
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Moya is finally reunited with her crew. However, Crichton's excitement at seeing Aeryn back onboard the ship is instantly soured when Scorpius appears. In the throes of Heat Delirium, Aeryn tells John that Scorpius saved her life by fitting her with a coolant suit as a stopgap.

Suddenly, a giant Lukythian Ship rockets up to Moya, its mass preventing starburst. Its captain, Ullom, claims that Aeryn was one of a team of assassins who liquidated the Prime Lukythian. In retaliation she was infected with Heat Delirium. In exchange for the names of those who ordered the hit, he will provide the antidote to Aeryn's fatal illness.

Aeryn would rather die than reveal any information, so Crichton turns to Sikozu and Scorpius to find a loophole. To prove his good intentions, Scorpius removes his neural clone, 'Harvey', from Crichton's mind. Meanwhile, Sikozu explains her theory that the Lukythian ship's appearance is a hologram: the actual ship is a tiny craft, with few crew.

Meanwhile, on her Command Carrier, Grayza puts a new plan into action. The Peacekeepers have come up with a prototype Leviathan killing missile. To prove his leadership, Braca takes off in a Prowler equipped with the weapon, intent on taking out Moya for good. Fortunately for Crichton, a spy working for Scorpius forewarns Moya of the attack.

Crichton and D'Argo take Aeryn to meet with Ullom face to face, knocking out his crew, but being unable to find the real captain behind the holograms. They trick him into revealing himself by using Aeryn as bait, then use the capablities of his ship to decoy Braca's missile.

After starbursting to freedom, the crew start to relax, but it's clear that there are many issues still to be resolved between them.

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