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18 June 2014
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By Rockne S O'Bannon
Directed by Andrew Prouse

Testing his new acceleration theory, John Crichton is flung far across the galaxy and perhaps even the universe when a freak electromagnetic effect sends his ship through a wormhole.

He ends up in a battle between Peacekeepers and escaped prisoners who have taken over a prison ship, Moya. This motley crew have seen him arrive out of nowhere and take him aboard to learn whether they can use the same effect to escape from the Peacekeepers and the limiting 'control collar' placed on Moya.

Freed from that collar, Moya escapes the battle by going into Starburst - a faster-than-light drive. Unfortunately, Moya does so before really ready and the crew can't be sure where they've ended up. Worse, the Starburst effect pulled in a Prowler and the crew has to contend with a captured Peacekeeper, Officer Aeryn Sun.

Sun and Crichton escape to a Commerce Planet where they meet up with Peacekeeper Captain Crais - who blames Crichton for the accident that killed his brother. Saying that Sun has been contaminated from her contact with Crichton, Crais arrests both of them and also Ka D'Argo, one of the escaped prisoners.

Crichton helps them escape and then, in flight on Moya and under attack from Peacekeeper ships, he repeats his own acceleration theory and slingshots Moya to freedom.

Commander John Crichton
  •  Premiere

  •  Throne for a Loss

  •  Back and Back and Back to the Future
  •  I, ET

  •  Exodus From Genesis

  •  Thank God It's Friday, Again.

  •  PK Tech Girl

  •  That Old Black Magic

  •  DNA Mad Scientist

  •  They've Got a Secret

  •  Till the Blood Runs Clear

  •  The Flax

  •  Rhapsody in Blue

  •  Jeremiah Crichton

  •  Durka Returns

  •  A Human Reaction

  •  Through the Looking Glass

  •  A Bug's Life

  •  Nerve

  •  Hidden Memory

  •  Bone to be Wild

  •  Family Ties

  •  To Season Two

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