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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Mental as Anything


Voice for the job: This week Anthony Simcoe gets to do the "previously on Farscape" voice-over, in his D'Argo voice.  It's very apt, as, according to Anthony, the distinctive tones of D'Argo came about as a impression of a film-trailer voice-over in the first place.  See him talk about it in our interview with him.

Seasons greetings: Aeryn wishes John a Merry Christmas, and has apparently given him a television as a present.  Reception may not be too good out in tormented space, unfortunately.

Born enemy: Rygel's champing at the bit to fight a Charrid - which is no wonder, as we learnt in Infinite Possibilities part one that their species killed million upon million Hynerians in a series of bloody wars.

Live it down: The title of this episode comes from the name of the Australian band Mental As Anything, who had a number three hit in 1987 with Live It Up.

The chorus for this one-hit wonder went: "Hey, yeah you with the sad face, Come up to my place and live it up. Hey, yeah you beside the dance floor, Whattya cry for, let's live it up".

Unfamiliar face: Lo'lann is played by Rachel Gordon, the second actor to have the role.  Lo'lann was previously seen just once, as a hologram in They've Got a Secret.  There, she was "played" by Alison Fox.

This is the first time we've actually seen Macton, here played by Blair Venn, but not the first time we've seen John Brumpton, the face beneath Katoya.  He played an equally prosthesis-covered B'Sogg in Home on the Remains.

The John Crichton guide to pop culture.

Best days of your life: John seems to regard the mental arts camp as a big schoolroom.  Recess (the US term for break) is over means being called back to the arena, and the boiling hot remedial cell is detention to him.

Use the force, John: Katoya's powers, such as the ability to knock people over with a gesture, and his talk about mental discipline are rather reminiscent of Yoda in the Star Wars films.  No wonder John sarcastically calls him "Master Jedi".

Katoya, has only got one...: The tune John whistles whilst in the remedial cell is Colonel Bogey, usually sung with lyrics about Hitler's mivonks, or lack therof.

Zen and now: The harsh training being given at the camp seems to have a lot in common with certain particularly hard forms of Zen Buddhist training.  In one form, meditating students are occasionally hit at random by the Master, or Sensei, to teach them really deep concentration.

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