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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide  |  Season Three

Talyn's passengers find their baser urges irresistible during a struggle to save the ship from a star's mesmeric pull.

StarkWritten by Matt Ford
Directed by Ian Barry

Talyn is drawn irresistibly toward what the gang learn is a siren star, a sun whose radiation lures Leviathan ships. But Talyn, being only half Leviathan, manages to fight for a short time and keep from plunging into the star. Yet, already weakened by Peacekeeper pursuit, Talyn starts leaking gas and something in it is making the crew give in to their base, primal urges.

It’s funny how many ways there are in the galaxy to give in to your primal urges but if that element of this felt over-familiar, ultimately Farscape was braver than most because people kept to their urges even after the gas danger was gone.

It was also very good to see Stark doing something useful, even if he now greets people like an American schoolgirl with a little scream, his hands held up and waving madly. It’s curious, too, that even as Rygel announced that Stark was insane, nobody thought to say he was stark raving mad.

Overall this felt like a patchy kind of story with too many quick, darting appearances by the baddie, or perhaps too easy a time getting rid of him.

Review by William Gallagher

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