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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
La Bomba


Going out, literally, with a blast, the conclusion to this three parter ties up a string-factory worth of loose ends, yet never seems contrived.  In an even smarter trick, the clouded motivations which have powered season four are suddenly made crystal clear.

What made this more admirable still was the chance the peripheral characters were given to shine. On most shows they'd be one-note ciphers, but here we saw the feelings, desires and dreams pushing them on.

Grayza's fall from grace, played with fine skill by Rebecca Riggs, was one stand-out moment.  As her cool, polished outer shell finally cracked, it was abruptly clear that she had been acting ethically all along.  Yes, she was manipulative and plotting, but she was also prepared to die for her beliefs. 

Better still was Braca's moment of glory.  His way could be seen as the coward's way, but by following his own star he saved his men, and did so with a kind of honour.  

Elsewhere, we finally had the enigmas of Sikozu and Scorpius explained - both revealing their true motives. Although not quite as stunning as the Grayza and Braca scenes, it was a real relief to finally learn just what was going on with the pair. It was also nice, if very creepy, to see them get together at last.

Amongst too many other good things to mention - Stark's return, the beautiful CGI, John's powerful fatalism - only one thing didn't quite work. For a major plot point, the explanation of the Crystherium's significance was very rushed and unclear.

That one tiny quibble apart, this was a wonderful episode, and would make a fitting finale to season four. But, even better than that, there's still another episode to go.

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