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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Hot to Katratzi


Making up for the slightly underwhelming kick-off of this three parter, Hot to Katratzi was hot in every way - sexy, swaggering, tense and glowing with nuclear energy.

After dizzying the viewer with the most action-packed teaser in TV history, Hot to Katratzi was full of the same bravado and crazy confidence as its leading man. It was a lot of fun, especially when Crichton was on screen playfully needling his mortal enemies, threatening to explode and flirting outrageously with Aeryn.

In stark contrast with John's happy-go-lucky sensuality was Scorpius' dark, lecherous threat - Wayne Pygram's portrayal of the half-breed reaching new heights as he welcomed torture with lewd innuendo and a savage curl of his lips. This time Farscape, forcing us into an uncomfortable position, puts us on Scorpy's side. Whereas we'd normally laugh to see Scorpy minced and mangled, now we find ourselves really deeply worried about his fate.

While Crichton was back in control, and wanted to let everyone know it, neither he nor we bargained on the surprises awaiting him. Yes, it's Farscape, so nothing's ever going to go to plan, but Stark's arrival was still a real shock. Though not as much of one as Sikozu's personal revelations.

Finally, though nothing bad Scorpius does should ever be unexpected, his double, or possibly triple or quadruple cross caught me as off guard as it did John and Aeryn. Ending a programme this way should be banned for health reasons - the human body isn't meant to take a cliffhanger this tense.

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