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2 October 2014
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Episode Guide
I Shrink Therefore I Am


Philosophically speaking: The title is a pun on the most famous saying of the 17th century French philosopher Descartes - "I think, therefore I am." It was his answer to the problem of whether we can believe anything at all is real.

Tongue-spotting: The Luxan licker comes back into play, saving the day by shlurping up a com-badge.

Hasta La Vista, baby: John once again shows off his Spanish, with phrases like "como esta, cucaracha," (How's it going, cockroach?) Is this a reminder of his origins in the US South, perhaps?

All seeing mind's eye: Strangely, some of the flashes of Aeryn we see in, presumably, John's mind, are scenes he couldn't possibly have witnessed. Aeryn's sobs over Crichton as he died and her struggle against him as he threw off possession by Harvey were both events which happened to the other John Crichton - so how could this one possibly be remembering them? Maybe Noranti's helpfulness in providing the essence of laka had more to it that at first appeared.

The John Crichton guide to pop culture.

Trek on, dudes: John calls D'Argo "Captain James T D'Argo." A Star Trek reference. 'Nuff said.

Willis work? John plans to defeat the Coreshi by "taking 'em down one by one, the Die Hard way," referring to the 1988 blockbuster starring Bruce Willis as John McLane, a cop who saves a towerblock full of hostages by a series of cunning ambushes and tricks. Strange how Scorpius picks up on the reference...

What's up Doc? After acquiring a what he calls a blunderbuss, John says, appropriately, that he's going "wabbit hunting." It's Elmer Fudd's line from the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoons that we know John loves so much from Revenging Angel.

So long, Cylon: Crichton's knowledge of sci-fi is obviously huge, encompassing even inferior products like Battlestar Galactica. Nodding to that 1980's show, created to leap on the Star Wars bandwagon, he dubs the head Coreshi "the head Cylon," after Galactica's armoured baddies, adding "pick up the phone, Imperious Leader," - the correct address for the Cylon big cheese - for good measure.

The Day Moya Stood Still : "Klaatu barada nikto," says Crichton to Axikor, after calling him Gort. Both are references to the classic 1951 sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. In it, a flying saucer lands in Washington, lone occupant Klaatu stepping out only to be shot. In response, Gort, a giant robot with awesome power emerges. Later in the film, the injured alien gives a note to a woman with the words "Klaatu barada nikto". Given to Gort, it sends him back to the saucer to bring out the peace-loving Klaatu, rather than destroying the world.

Honey, I fell through a wormhole: In a reference that no-one could resist, Crichton describes the situation as "Honey I Shrunk the Hostages," after the 1989 film "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." In this family-friendly flick, a scientist shrinks... well, let's just say it does what it says on the tin.

It was followed in 1992 by Honey I Blew Up the Kid, and in 1995 by a 3D film, Honey I Shrunk the Audience. You wouldn't think they'd want to boast about that last claim.

A giant leap: Astronaut to the core, John just can't resist coming out with Neil Armstrong's famous quote "One small step for man," after stamping on the miniaturised Axikor. Said as Armstrong was the first person to step onto the moon, the full quote is "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Armstrong had actually meant to say "one small step for a man," but forgot the "a".

Fully posable: Aeryn and Chiana get called "my little inaction figures," whilst shrunk and restrained by the magnetic cuffs. Funnily enough, both characters are available as action figures, along with Zhaan, D'Argo, Rygel and Crichton. You can even get a pre-painted D'Argo statuette.
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Tough to get into, but worth it! Coreshi are "crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside," according to John. Like an armadillo pasty, then.

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