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18 June 2014
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DNA Mad Scientist
By Tom Blomquist
Directed by Andrew Prowse

Too fast! Again! Even though they had good reason to be at each others' throats, the speed of it happening made you wonder whether NamTar had drugged them all.

That's especially so when you think about what would be waiting for them all if they got home. Rygel seemed to think he could swan in and take his throne back, Zhaan just cried a bit - and D'Argo spun some story. "My leaders imprisoned me, not my people," he says. Leaving aside that this is not the real story, it's just the one he's told the crew, it seems unlikely the "people" will just say "Oh, all right then, you can come back".

But given that the core story of the crew being divided and one of them being transformed by the nasty alien was also familiar, it did keep you wanting to see what happened next. Farscape is becoming excellent at teasing mysteries that are quite arresting.

The best part of this episode was Aeryn's isolation. For the first time Crichton was feeling chipper about being able to go home some day and she was not. He's separated from home by physics, she by politics, and it was nice to see her side being the harsher one for once.

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DNA Mad Scientist

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