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18 June 2014
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Thank God It's Friday, Again.
By David Wilks
Directed by Rowan Woods

D'Argo, in a Luxan hyper-rage, is hunting Crichton around Moya for no apparent reason. After days of him hunting and Crichton hiding, D'Argo storms off in Aeryn's Prowler to the nearest planet.

Warily, the others set off after him - only to find that once there he's become the most peaceful and loving of creatures. And he's now totally content with the agricultural lifestyle he's fallen into. Crichton's suspicious, everybody's suspicious, until an explosion almost kills Rygel and Zhaan begins to become as peaceful and oddly content as D'Argo.

Aeryn escorts Rygel back to Moya where they learn that the tannot root food he grabbed on the planet is reacting violently with his body. He wasn't attacked - he caused the explosion when he was relieving himself.

With Aeryn struggling to investigate Rygel aboard Moya, natives immunise Crichton against the tannot root drug that's affecting Rygel, Zhaan and D'Argo. Unfortunately, they immunise him by embedding a giant worm in his stomach, a worm that thrives on the tannot drug.

Crichton has to figure out why they've done this, whether it's as harmless as they claim and - when he meets the natives' leader - just what they all plan to do with Moya.

Thank God It's Friday, Again

  •  Premiere

  •  Throne for a Loss

  •  Back and Back and Back to the Future
  •  I, ET

  •  Exodus From Genesis

  •  Thank God It's Friday, Again.

  •  PK Tech Girl

  •  That Old Black Magic

  •  DNA Mad Scientist

  •  They've Got a Secret

  •  Till the Blood Runs Clear

  •  The Flax

  •  Rhapsody in Blue

  •  Jeremiah Crichton

  •  Durka Returns

  •  A Human Reaction

  •  Through the Looking Glass

  •  A Bug's Life

  •  Nerve

  •  Hidden Memory

  •  Bone to be Wild

  •  Family Ties

  •  To Season Two

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