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18 June 2014
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Exodus From Genesis
By Ro Hume
Directed by Brian Henson

Running from a Peacekeeper Marauder scout, Moya hides out behind a cloud of asteroid debris and everyone counts themselves lucky when the debris successfully blocks the scout's scans.

But before anyone can party, Moya starts to get very hot - because the 'asteroid debris' is a swarm of alien lifeforms that is invading the ship and changing the environment. Crichton finds the aliens to be giant bugs - but they don't stay as bugs. They sample DNA from the crew and fashion replicants of them to take over the ship and mysteriously to block off one empty chamber.

As the temperature keeps climbing, Aeryn begins to die. Peacekeepers are cold-blooded, literally as well as figuratively, and the heat is fatal to her.

Rygel climbs through Moya to get to the chamber and learns that it's a nest for new aliens. Even as a replicant Crichton is roaming the ship, the aliens - Draks - sting Zhaan. Through her the Drak finally speak, explaining that the aliens are attacking in response to Moya's crew being a threat.

Crichton might be able to explain things, he might be able to pull off a truce but neither side has realised that the problems are just beginning. And that the Peacekeepers are still the true enemy…

Exodus From Genesis

  •  Premiere

  •  Throne for a Loss

  •  Back and Back and Back to the Future
  •  I, ET

  •  Exodus From Genesis

  •  Thank God It's Friday, Again.

  •  PK Tech Girl

  •  That Old Black Magic

  •  DNA Mad Scientist

  •  They've Got a Secret

  •  Till the Blood Runs Clear

  •  The Flax

  •  Rhapsody in Blue

  •  Jeremiah Crichton

  •  Durka Returns

  •  A Human Reaction

  •  Through the Looking Glass

  •  A Bug's Life

  •  Nerve

  •  Hidden Memory

  •  Bone to be Wild

  •  Family Ties

  •  To Season Two

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