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18 June 2014
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A Human Reaction
by Justin Monjo
Directed by Rowan Woods

Crichton is recording a message for his father when Moya begins to detect something Pilot hasn't seen since Crichton first appeared. It's a wormhole forming naturally near the ship – and it could be a route straight back to Earth. It's Crichton's big chance to go home and he has to take it, despite mounting risks and the possibility that it won't really lead him home.

Racing against time, Crichton readies Farscape 1, says his goodbyes and tries to persuade Aeryn to come with him. She won't, and Crichton finds parting with these aliens very much harder than he would have imagined.

With the wormhole collapsing, he flies to the edge of it, where he can see straight through to Earth at the other end. Hesitant, Crichton eventually dives for the wormhole and is rocked and buffeted through to home.

Crash landing in Australia, Crichton staggers out into the brilliant sunshine – and a welcoming committee that fires a tranquilliser dart into him. Far from being glad to see Crichton, his friends and colleagues are deeply suspicious of where he's been, of the alien modifications to Farscape 1 and most especially of his new ability to understand all languages.

Crichton has to fight acute xenophobia and convince his own people to trust him. His case is helped by the arrival of his father – but definitely not by Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel trying to fly down to Earth after him.

A Human Reaction

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  •  Till the Blood Runs Clear

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  •  A Human Reaction

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  •  Hidden Memory

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  •  Family Ties

  •  To Season Two

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