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18 June 2014
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Durka Returns
By Grant McAloon
Directed by Tony Tilse

It began with chance, that most unsatisfying of plot styles, and ended with it too. Considering that Moya is in the Uncharted Territories and never really knows where she is, she does keep bumping into people who should be able to tell her. The odds of hitting the one passing ship in the region are minuscule next to those of that ship carrying Rygel's old enemy.

That said, Durka was too good an antagonist to be thrown away as he was in the earlier episode 'PK Tech Girl'. It's also been a while since Crais has really bothered Crichton so the show needed a new threat and in many ways Durka is more developed than the camp Crais was.

Again, what worked best in this episode was the challenge facing Crichton. Obstacle upon obstacle was placed in front of him and you could almost have cheered when his great plan completely failed. Rather than undermining Crichton, his failures only point up the strength of his opponent and make his eventual victory seem that much more hard-earned.

Still, while the chance of having a bomb in the right place was borderline, its explosion making Moya expel Durka's ship wasn't. If anything, the convenience wasn't helped by the explanatory scene that talked about nobody knowing Moya could do what she did.

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Aeryn and John

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