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18 June 2014
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The Flax
By Justin Monjo
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

What makes Farscape nicely different from other genre series is that it will set up a situation where only the greatest bravery can save the day, where everyone has to make tough decisions - and then where the daring plan completely fails.

It's also good at dishing out the heroics evenly instead of giving Crichton all the right answers and all the best moves. As ever, Aeryn was at least as necessary as Crichton in the shuttle and this time Crichton was unheroically awful at flying it. To appreciate the difference, just imagine Buck Rogers in the same situation.

The whole episode was structured to set up one apparent victory and instead, after a stumble, lead us to another. It works for Aeryn and Crichton, but arguably it doesn't for Rygel and Kcrackic. The twist there, that Rygel appears to give Staanz away but doesn't, depends on Rygel having made the real plan instantly. It's possible, it's what he claims, but somehow Rygel never seems to do anything instantly so this end of the story feels more forced.

To an extent, so did Staanz's turning out to be a female when in most respects this ex-pirate had appeared to be male. It is a surprise, in a Crying Game kind of way, but it feels artificial because there's neither a reason Staanz need be female to love D'Argo nor enough of one that a male or female Staanz could have fallen for him so quickly.
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The Flax

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