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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide  |  Season Three
Dog With Two Bones

After performing a final act for Talyn, is there anything left to keep Moya and her crew together?

CrichtonWritten by David Kemper
Directed by Andrew Prowse

As her last act for Talyn, Moya is taking his remains to a sacred burial ground in space, but the region is guarded by another Leviathan. A mother driven mad when Peacekeepers killed her children, she will not allow Talyn, a hybrid Peacekeeper/Leviathan, to be buried there.

As well as this being a last act for Talyn, it seems to be the curtain call for the whole crew, as each has an opportunity to go home. So why is Crichton having nightmares about marrying Aeryn on Earth?

Zhaan was sorely missed in this episode, with her plot function taken over by a new, mysterious "chef". Introduced to bring the Delvian priestess' type of mystical insight and clam chowder to the proceedings, there was something undefinably off about this character.

Nicely, we got only a cursory explanation of this chef’s motives, and never quite knew where she'd suddenly come from. She was just one more factor making this an unsettled and unsettling episode, like the conversations which kept beginning in real time and then being continued in Crichton’s dreams.

The storyline with Talyn’s remains felt a little like a distraction rather than intrinsic to the story, perhaps because it was resolved so easily. Overall, though, Talyn’s burial was a metaphor for the ending of the Farscape we’ve known for three seasons.

At one point it looked as if we’d lose Moya entirely but instead everyone, including Moya, have gone their own ways . We’ve had fun this year with the dividing up of the crew in the two Crichtons storyline; now we’ve got D’Argo going one way, Rygel another, Aeryn a third, Moya, Pilot and Jool a fourth and Crichton left behind.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the whole cast signs for the next season.

Review by William Gallagher

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