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18 June 2014
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Bad Timing


There are two things that must be said about Bad Timing. Firstly, for a show finale that didn't even know it was a show finale, it was excellent - a worthy end to a wonderful series. Secondly, how could they do that to us, the evil frelling drannits! How could they leave us this way?

Tense, emotional, and conclusive, Bad Timing had everything a finale needs, including a sense of finality. The Scarrans were defeated, John said a proper goodbye to his father, and Pilot, wonderfully, got a little of the attention he's been so lacking this season. That's without even mentioning the scene even the hardest hearted of us has waited so long to see - John and Aeryn, no complications intruding, kissing and making up for evermore.

You could even believe that Kemper et al had actually meant this to be the end of the show. Whether through cunning planning or through good post-production, it seemed to tie up most loose ends, and paid due homage to events earlier in Farscape. Only a few stray threads left an irritating sense of incompleteness. Stark was woefully underused, and now we may be deprived forever of the battle of the bonkers between him and Noranti. Nor learn if Sikozu and Scorpuis’ relationship really has a future.

Yes, sad though the end is, we could have gone away relatively happy and content with the closure we’d had. That is, up until those last two horrifying minutes.  No compromise right to the end - how could we not have loved this programme?

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