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18 June 2014
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Farscape  |  Character profiles

The companion to Moya who’s always there, voiced by Lani Tupu.

Pilot Massive, long-suffering and both physically and neurally bonded with Moya, Pilot is the true heart of the ship. Aware of every system, feeling and desire through his neural tendrils and the information sent back by Moya’s DRDs, Pilot sits in splendour in his chamber at the centre of Moya.

His only motivation is to serve first Moya’s needs, then those of the crew. He is selfless in this, even forgiving Zhaan and D’Argo when they cut off one of his arms to use in trade. After all, they grow back eventually. What he will not put up with is lack of consideration to Moya, and has sometimes insisted the crew go away and leave the two of them in peace for a time.

A member of a species unable to use interstellar travel, Pilot’s people willingly swap their mobile lives to be joined with a Leviathan, so that they can travel and see the stars. Those to be joined are chosen by elders, but Pilot was rejected by them. Instead, he connived with a Peacekeeper captain to be twinned with Moya after her original Pilot was killed for refusing to agree to genetic experiments on her.

Pilot, given his nature, gets on with all of the crew, but is closest to Aeryn, as she was injected with some of his DNA. Chiana is also one of his favourites, thanks to the help she gave during the difficult birth of Moya’s child, Talyn.

Key episodes: DNA Mad Scientist, The Way We Weren't, Look at the Princess trilogy, Scratch 'n' Sniff, Dog With Two Bones.

Read our actor profile of the man who voices Pilot, Lani Tupu.

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