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18 June 2014
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Farscape  |  Character profiles
Dominar Rygel XVI

Henson’s demanding Hynerian dictator, given voice by Jonathan Hardy.

Dominar Rygel XVI

The ex-ruler of 600 billion people, Rygel’s main motivations are recovering the throne from which he was deposed, sex and food. Mostly the last.

A small, physically feeble, froggy being, Rygel gets around on an anti-gravity throne and tends to run away from danger. His small size makes him wonderfully suitable for repairs in cramped spaces, so he often finds his crewmates stuffing him down tiny holes. Don’t get too near him when he’s nervous though, as he has an unpleasant habit of farting helium.

Rygel was imprisoned by the Peacekeepers for over 130 cycles, during which time he was tortured by Durka, the captain of the prison ship Zelbonian. Torturing Durka back then killing him seemed to lay a lot of Rygel’s demons to rest.

The pint-sized potentate is probably the most irritating person aboard Moya - with only Jool giving him a run for his money. He’s bossy, demanding and overfond of luxury. But he’s also clever, in a sly, scheming way, and has saved his crew-mates more than once by using his diplomatic skills. And somehow, over the years, his urge to sell them out at every opportunity seems to have shrunk.

Out of Moya’s crew, Chiana’s the closest to him. After all, they both share kleptomaniac tendencies, randy natures, and a loose interpretation of the word trust.

Key episodes: Throne for a Loss, Thank God it's Friday, Again, The Flax, Durka Returns, Dream a Little Dream, I - Yensch, You - Yensch.

Read our actor profile of the man with Rygel's voice, Jonathan Hardy.

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