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28 October 2014
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Farscape | Interviews
Claudia Black

Claudia Black We caught up with Farscape's beautiful and talented leading lady Claudia Black on a visit to the UK.

She spoke to us about the cancellation, puppets and playing the princess.

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Assuming Aeryn

  When you first got the part, what were your reactions? (Question from Matt Horn)

Pitching in

  Did the fact you were working on Pitch Black when you were cast as Aeryn cause problems?

Is it lunchtime yet?

  Tell us about a normal day on the set.

Pulling Pranks

  Apparently many pranks are pulled on set - have you been responsible for any yourself? (Question from Fiona Kennedy)

Meet the Muppets

  What was it like working with the puppets?

Pilot light

  You had several close scenes with Pilot - how easy was it to be emotional acting opposite a puppet?

Meltdown on set

  What was the best episode, and which was the worst, or hardest, to do? (Question from Debra C Dye)

Princess Black

  Did you come up with the Princess voice in John Quixote yourself?


  How much creative input do you have, as an actor, on character development? (Question from William Jordan)

Meant for one another

  How would you have liked to see the John/Aeryn romance resolved? (Question from Laura)

The season four look

  Your new look in season four is very different to earlier seasons, with the loose hair and so on. Did you have a say in it? (Question from Ishani Guhanthakurta)

Driven to act

  What made you want to become an actress? (Question from Amy Connelly)

Cult chick deathmatch

  Who'd win if Aeryn and Buffy went head-to-head? (Question from AJ Terry)

The cancellation

  How did you feel when you heard about the cancellation of Farscape?

Absent friends

  What will you miss most about working on Farscape?

The power of fandom

  What do you think of the efforts the fans have gone to to save the show?

Rest and relax

  What projects have you got lined up now? (Question from Rob Runacres)

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