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18 June 2014
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BBC title sequences brings you Real Media clips of memorable introductions to classic TV programmes. Browse the galleries, or use the drop down menu to choose title sequences by name or to find your way back to this page.

Adam Adamant
Adam Adamant Lives!
Edwardian gent turns sixties superhero

Gronda, Gronda.
The Adventure Game
A planet of puzzles, dragons and aspidistras.

Fanny's fish.
Adventurous Cooking
Fanny Craddock's fishy tips.

James Herriot and old cars.
All Creatures Great and Small
Come t' see pig 'then vetinry?

Ohh, monsieur.
'Allo 'Allo
The saga of Rene, Yvette and the fallen Madonna.

Soft rock theme tune plus ECG-style animated credits.
A hospital called St Angela's - thus the nurses are called Angels, get it?

Animal Magic
Johnny Morris and his classic animals show.

I think this would fetch at auction, about...
The Antiques Roadshow
Travel around the country, see new places, value old things.

Ooh, my pussy's all in a mess.
Are You Being Served?
Sit com set in a decaying department store.

Once upon a time, not so long ago.
The cloth cat that brought joy to a generation, because Emily loved him.

Lawks a mercy Mr Holmes.
Baker Street Boys
Children's series about Sherlock Holmes' little helpers.

Booom Boom and other fun.
The Basil Brush Show
Booom Booom Mr Derek. Boom Boom.

I'm Keyop. No, I want to be Keyop.
Battle of the Planets
Watching, warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxies beyond space. Wowzers.

Oooh, nice car Mr Bergerac.
The glamour of Jersey in the 1980s with Jim Bergerac, Charlie Hungerford and Jim's grumpy girlfriend.

Turnips to that.
Blackadder II
Rude shaped turnips and beheadings. Quality entertainment.

Blake's 7
Needlepoint meets science-fiction.

Liberate your mind.
Blake's 7
The Liberator is pursued across these titles by three nasty ships.

Faster faster zoom zoom.
Blake's 7
Zoom across the surface of planets in the third of the Blake 7 title sequence trilogy.

Blankety ____, Blankety ______.
Blankety Blank
Win a Blankety Blank cheque book and pen.

Gorges, diggers, mistresses and firearms.
Blott on the Landscape
High farce about preservation of ancestral pile.

Blue Peter.
Blue Peter
Good wholesome entertainment for boys and girls.

Blue Peter.
Blue Peter
Start saving those washing up bottles.

Evil wolves pretending to be clerics.
Box of Delights
Those pesky wolves are out to get you.

Are you comfortable? Then let's begin..
The Bookworm
It's the Top Gear of the book world.

Rise and shine, it's Breakfast Time.
Breakfast Time
Selina Scott and Frank Bough bringing sunshine into our lives.

Love is like a butterfly...
Wendy Craig as a bored suburban housewife yearning for a little bit of fun.

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