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18 June 2014
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Classic TV | The Clangers

The Clangers: Click for More PicturesA series about a family of knitted aliens eking out a threadbare existence on a bleak and cold world.

The Clangers are small, pink mouselike persons who live under their planet's surface in caves protected by saucepan lids. The noise of the lids being closed (to protect their home from falling space debris) gave the Clangers their name. The series told of their encounters with iron chickens, seeds, and sentient musical instruments.

The Clanger family (including Major Clanger, Mother Clanger, Small Clanger, Tiny Clanger and numerous Aunts and Uncles) shared their world with a number of strange but friendly characters:

  • The Soup Dragon - a cheery, soup-making dragon (is there any other kind?). She made her soup from the volcanic wells at the heart of the Clangers’ world. Soup is the main part of the Clangers' diet, supplemented by blue string pudding.

  • The Froglets - small orange blobs on legs with lovely big eyes. They travel through the universe via a magical top hat.

  • The Glow Buzzers - an invaluable source of light in the Clangers caves.
Made by Smallfilms (who also made The Clangers) Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin's series started in November 1969, just four months after NASA's moon landing. One episode even shows the Clangers making inventive use of a flag left behind by some astronauts.


VIDEO CLIP:Titles - Welcome to the little blue planet

VIDEO CLIP:Rescue - Tiny clanger rides the cloud

VIDEO CLIP:Memories - Messrs. Postgate and Firmin

VIDEO CLIP:Election - The lost episode

VIDEO CLIP:Hooting - The b****y thing's stuck again!

VIDEO CLIP:Master - The Clangers on Doctor Who

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