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18 June 2014
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Is the Box of Delights the most Christmas-y thing ever? Most of you thought so! Thanks to everyone who sent in reviews.

Bill Smullen
Hey, really nice pressie: a Page of Delights! Thanks beeb, now all we need is the series repeated. I can't agree with your reviewer who thought that it wouldn't be the same for us if we watched it again. It's an attitude thing, you don't have to become cynical as you get older. Watch it with your child eyes.

Darcenia Teasdale
This was a fantastic find - that other people still love The Box of Delights like me. It is definitely one of the best children's TV series ever made, and is in a class of its own for its fantasy, and "before they were famous" cameos. My favourite is Nick Berry as a "Rat". I would love to see the BBC release this series on DVD and interview the child stars and some of the cameos.

Tom Hunt
The Box of Delights was available on BBC video at one point, I know cos I bought it. Lucky me, huh? Dead exciting drama, loved the bizarre cartoon bits.

Bill Smillie
I love The Box of Delights story. It aired here in Canada back in the early 80's once or twice and I happened to tape it. Now my teenagers like to watch it also, we always make a point to watch it just before Christmas. I also introduced my kids to all the Gerry Anderson shows such as Thunderbirds. For Children's shows, Comedies and Dramas, British Telly is the best! And a lot of people here in North America agree.

Megan P
The box of delights was really good - I dont remember the storyline that much, but the atmosphere was really haunting. It used to turn up in strange but amazing nightmare/dreams I had when I was younger. The wolves theme reminds me of Joan Aiken's books about Dido Twite, too.

Great Big Thanks! to all of those who contributed.


VIDEO CLIP:Titles Scary wolves

VIDEO CLIP:Picture Cole disappears

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