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18 June 2014
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Classic TV: Blue PeterClassic TV: Blue Peter

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Classic TV | Blue Peter | The Makes
The Makes index
Classic makes and bakes. Don't forget to ask a grown-up for help.

Advent crown - Factsheet (523 KB) | Scrapbook
A Christmas classic. We advise using baubles instead of candles.

Bird cake - Factsheet (100 KB)
Keeping our feathered friends fed.

Cat bed - Scrapbook
Turns a washing-up bowl into a luxury bed.

Chocolate Easter cake - Factsheet (263 KB)
A simple treat.

Father Christmas - Scrapbook
Make Santa out of cardboard and cotton wool.

Hammock for dolls - Scrapbook
Make your garden swing.

Luna-pedes - Scrapbook
Intergalactic puppets.

Mabel and Bonnie beanie make - Factsheet (439 KB)
These puppies are for life.

Make-up tray - Video
Putting a cutlery tray to stylish use.

Monster, Masks and Claws - Scrapbook
You'll need a fabric softener bottle.

Pencil case - Scrapbook | Video
You'll need a washing-up liquid bottle.

Personal organisers - Scrapbook
Make an 80's essential.

Pets' birthday cake - Factsheet (72 KB)
Looks good enough to eat.

Puppet theatre - Scrapbook
Entertain your friends.

Railway - Factsheet (627 KB) | Scrapbook
A railway scene that folds neatly away.

Sledge - Factsheet (114 KB)
Go faster with Noakes.

Snowman Christmas decoration - Factsheet (206 KB)
More festive fun.

Sweater - Factsheet (335 KB)
Complete with Ship logo.

Ties - Scrapbook
Get all tied up.

Table football - Scrapbook
'Ere we go.

Tracy Island - Factsheet (419 KB)
The most famous make of all.

Witches and Wizards - Scrapbook
Get ready for Hallowe'en.

Current Blue Peter makes site
Here's some we made later.
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