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18 June 2014
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Classic TV | Blake's 7
Your reviews
Ian Nortcliff
What can I say? What other mainstream sci fi show ever had such a downbeat, unhappy ending? All the crew killed (bar Avon, who has just shot Blake in the mistaken belief that he has willingly betrayed him) then cut to credits and sound of much shooting. The message - you can't beat the system and the good guys don't always win - was very refreshing and shocking.

Blake's 7 was marvellous thought-provoking sci-fi, with some of the strongest characterisation ever. Although main characters had died before (Gan and Cally), that final episode was genuinely stunning. I got up early every Sunday morning for some 6 months to watch the complete B7 saga from start to finish. Brilliant stuff! It worth subscribing to Sky Digital just for UK Gold alone. A B7 double episode followed by the Dr Who omnibus made Sunday mornings pure TV heaven.

Maureen O'Sullivan
I was just beaming in to existence when Blake's 7 was coming to a close. I had a few memories of a distant programme in my head when a good friend of mine got me into watching Blake's 7. It is about a band of outlaws who are are on the run from their government and are striving for justice in space, whilst fighting against some hilariously dangerous aliens. Blake's 7 was one of the best series for its time and budget and set the trend for the films and programmes of our time.

Lorraine Dukes
Blake's 7 is as good to watch now as it was when it first aired. Ignore the dodgy sets, and the use of the same quarry over and over, and listen to some wonderfully written scripts, and neat acting! It ran for just the right length of time (any more episodes would have made it lose its cult status) and the final episode was fantastic!

Wendy Penberriss
I just read the review of Blake's 7 on Classic TV and I was wondering, did the reviewer watch the same program I did? Cause I remember it as being really dark and nasty, not like Abba in Space at all. That wasn't Blake's 7 he was describing, it was Wonder Woman.

Rita d'Orac
A main character dies in the 2nd series, they didn't always win and they weren't always right - definitely very dark rather than Abba in Space.

Emzi Ting
Blake's 7 is by the far best Sci-Fi show ever. Sadly, too many critics seem to find it fashionable to hack at the low budget (and therefore weak production elements) rather than looking at the stunningly intelligent scripts, Avon's incendiary dialogue and the bleak and brutal fight against the Fed. Don't take Moloch as a representation of all Blake's episodes (It's FAR from being the best episode) and look beyond the shiny, sickly offering from the Roddenbery bush. And NEVER tar it with the same brush as the whimsical fairytales of Dr Who. Just because they were both made by the BBC and around 20 years ago doesn't mean they are in any way similar. Blake's 7 is...galaxies ahead.

Blake's 7 (given the era in which it was originally aired) was perhaps unique... Filled with original stories, often about the human condition more than relying on the settings and adventure. It first started on television here in Oz when I was 7, and it drew me in much more strongly than Star Wars did (a tough ask when comparing special effects of that movie to the dodgy effects of B7).
I was 12 when the final episode screened here, and we knew nothing about the ending until we saw it.... I think I went numb... but that harsh anti-climax... the good guys losing, was perhaps the best, most original close to a series I have ever seen. I still get goosebumps...
20 years later I have bought most of the videos and the kids across the road have borrowed and watched them all at least twice... they love the show, even when compared to the effects laden sci fi series around today... just goes to show great stories, regardless of budget and effects, can transcend the generations

Great Big Thanks! to all of those who contributed.


VIDEO CLIP:Titles The third title sequence

VIDEO CLIP:Maximum Power End of the Liberator?

VIDEO CLIP:Moloch Servalan gets petulant

VIDEO CLIP:Girl Next Door? Servalan gets coy

VIDEO CLIP:Degrading Acts Servalan gets dirty

VIDEO CLIP:Minor Violation Servalan gets carried away

VIDEO CLIP:Absolute Power Servalan gets tempting

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