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18 June 2014
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Any scenes with Servalan in. She's absolutely amazing - radiating camp contempt, especially when chained up on a rug, or urging Villa to kill a guard.

Dan: "Delightful Camp"

Nice logo Blake - shame you couldn't count.Time has not been kind to Blake's 7. Even allowing for the moments of delightful camp value provided by Servalan the predictable plots, wafer-thin dialogue and ultra-cheap sets are so distracting that there’s little room to enjoy the adventure.

It’s never a good sign when space turbulence requires Vila to perform a drunken somersault. Fight scenes are equally risible - since when did the Heimlich manoeuvre form a key part in cosmic combat?

Outstanding moments include special effects seemingly generated by a smoking cameramen, an inflatable sex doll in suspended animation, and the climactic appearance of Moloch, who looks like a rejected cross-breeding of Davros and a muppet.

Stephen: "Disco Fever"

The Liberator discovers a hidden planet of bad hair and costumes which make ‘Buck Rodgers’ look like a designer fashion show. It's like an epidemic of Disco Fever.

Servalan has the defining moment, rolling her eyes as Vila tries to shoot a guard. It’s as though she's marvelling at the onscreen incompetence.

It is a vision of what could have been had Edward D Wood Jnr been reincarnated as Gene Roddenbury.

James: "Haircurling Tongs"

The liberator - surely the best spaceship model ever!Moloch may not be a very good episode of Blake's Seven - but it is fairly typical. It's way ahead of its time - a reasonably good script lurks buried beneath sloppy production values.

The walls may be made of old bin bags, the guns look like haircurling tongs, but the Liberator is the most amazing spaceship model ever, even if no one can light it properly.

Moloch is an interesting, original story, but it's not helped by bored direction, and a downright odd plot structure. It has plenty of good material for Avon to smirk through, and some lovely scenes for Servalan - but she's ill-served by a rushed, feeble ending, which just has Avon scarpering from her.

Kim: "Mouse Sacrifice"

There's definitely something about Blake's 7.

What struck me most was how dark the atmosphere is - totalitarian states, sinister masked guards, the heroes all bickering among themselves. It has an existential bleakness missing from the likes of Doctor Who. The absent hero, Blake, references Waiting For Godot - the leader is gone, and we are left fumbling in the dark.

Our brave new world holds scant regard for life - casual mouse sacrifice on the altar of science passes without remark.

Of course, on the bright side there are some wonderful plunge necklines. But sadly, no actual breasts.


VIDEO CLIP:Titles The third title sequence

VIDEO CLIP:Maximum Power End of the Liberator?

VIDEO CLIP:Moloch Servalan gets petulant

VIDEO CLIP:Girl Next Door? Servalan gets coy

VIDEO CLIP:Degrading Acts Servalan gets dirty

VIDEO CLIP:Minor Violation Servalan gets carried away

VIDEO CLIP:Absolute Power Servalan gets tempting

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