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18 June 2014
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Man with ping-pong ball in mouth.Moira Stewart She really did play a dragon in the first series. Then she became a newsreader. Bryan Brown The star of the F/X films is rumoured to have been in the show playing a backwards-talking Aussie dragon. It's not him.

Closing credits The show had several title sequences. One rather charmingly had a signpost in mid space with the caption "Earth/Arg". Another title sequence was done on a BBC Micro computer. In low-res graphics mode. It featured a red circle getting smaller.

Aspidistra The Rangdo started off as an immobile aspidistra. In later series he was played by Kenny Baker, who was also R2-D2, and glided around the set like a leafy Dalek. In the last series he was a teapot.

Drogna The currency used on Arg was the Drogna, coloured pieces of plastic with seemingly random values. There was however some logic to the currency. The value of a piece was calculated by multiplying the number sides by the piece's colour in the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). So a blue pentagon was worth 25 points (5 time 5) and a red circle was worth 1 point (one side and the first colour in the rainbow). It does work, I promise.

Anagrams Many of the names of the characters on Arg were anagrams of the word 'Dragon'. For example, there was Rangdo the ruler of Ard; Drogna, the currency used; Dorgan a small aggressive dog and Ron Gad the backwards speaking bloke.

Explorers Some of the most gifted television personalities appeared on the Adventure Game. Bonnie Langford and Keith Chegwin also appeared. The star spangled line up includes John Craven, Sue Cook, Sarah Greene, Richard Stilgoes and of course...Noel Edmonds.

The Vortex The show climaxed with the Vortex Round. Players had to cross a gameboard without stepping on the same point as the Vortex. The Vortex couldn't move into the players area, but players could step onto the Vortex. Being zapped by the Vortex meant a long trip home through space on foot. Brrr.

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