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18 June 2014
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Adam Adamant Lives!  Click for more pictures.Adam Adamant: A sixties superhero who doesn't swing, not even slightly.

Adam Adamant Lives! tells the story of an Edwardian adventurer who wakes up in the swinging Sixties, having been frozen in a block of ice by his nemesis, "The Face". The show is about how the dashing adventurer (Gerald Harper) thwarts evil, overcomes temptation, and buys a Mini.

It's very much "What Doctor Who did next", as the timelord's creator Sydney Newman and his first producer Verity Lambert joined forces again to come up with a BBC version of The Avengers. Adam is a Reithian version of Steed - all the suits and gentility, but with all rakishness removed. Adam is a very proper hero, who belongs to all the right clubs, and even has a butler.

The clash between Adam's terribly strict morals and the permissive society of the Sixties was the main source of humour in the series. This meant severely limited opportunities for sexual chemistry between Harper and his co-star Juliet Harmer, who played reluctant side-kick Miss Jones. A nicely brought-up modern woman, her role was mostly to mope around after Adam, flirting mournfully and getting into scrapes.

The show ran for two seasons of incredibly Avengers-esque adventures, as Adam thwarts sinister ladies' charities, terribly well-brought-up satanists, killer dresses, and cigar-chomping female crimelords.

Adam Adamant Lives! may have been a little starched, but it certainly was fab. Mike Myers owes it a huge debt.


VIDEO CLIP:Titles - Sung by Kathy Kirby.

VIDEO CLIP:Adam wakes up - after spending the night at Miss Jones'.

VIDEO CLIP:Sex Kitten - Adam avoids the advances of yet another woman.

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