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18 June 2014
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In Real Life

The man himself: Joss Whedon Exclusive: BBC Online caught up with Joss Whedon while he was in London.

Is working on Buffy The Vampire Slayer still as much fun as it used to be? Do you still get the same buzz from working on the show?

Yes it is, because the show changes. The stories keep challenging us to come up with new directions. It is very exciting for us. Things like ‘Hush’ and the (fourth) season finale are very different and I am able to experiment a great deal as a writer. I feel I am actually learning things this year more than in the last two years and so it stays very fresh.

Do you work out all the plot arcs personally or do you handle it as a committee now?

I tend to plot the major story points, sometimes in conversation with the writers and usually by myself. Say I figured out that so-and-so will have an affair with so and so then at the beginning of every year I sort of map it out and figure out the basic steps when this is going to happen and who will write that script and when and where so-and-so dies.

Do you worry that people, particularly on the internet, take everything you say far too seriously? You have jokingly promised us $18,000,000 Zeppelin fights over Neptune and ‘Matt Damon: Monster Fighter’ for the end of this season for example!

Yes sometimes I do worry that I will say something like "Sarah will die - we will kill off Buffy," and then fans will say "I heard a rumour." People, lighten up! But no, I really love going on the net.

So you're a net fan? Do you use it for non-Buffy stuff or just for keeping in touch?

I sort of came to it late. I don't need it much in my life; I haven't mastered it. My wife is very proficient. I'm still at "What's download?"

Here at BBC Online we are Tony Head's biggest fans. Don't dish the dirt. Just tell us how lovely he is. Thank you.

Tony is great. A real actor. He really cares about the craft, hitting his mark. It's all there. The only conflict Tony and I have is that I always want him give me less. He always wants to get out there and put it all on screen. I keep going “The British guy - more restrained!”

What's the status if anything of the film? Do you stash away ideas whilst making the show on the basis that you can't afford to implement them at the time but they could be used in the film at a later date?

There is no status but it would be fun. (As for ideas,) not really. I don't want to take anything away from the series. I want the series to be everything it could be. The movie is just a distant fantasy at the moment.

Reporter: Robert Francis.
With thanks to Maureen McCrae McIntyre and Kimberly Bernhardt.
Image of Joss copyright Fox Video.

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