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28 October 2014
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Buffy news
News - 19th February
by Rob Francis


Buffy The Vampire Slayer will not be shown on March 8th or the 15th due to coverage of the Snooker championships. This is due to the BBC 2's continuing and long standing obligation to sport. We share your frustration, but assure you the wait will be worth it when the excellent New Moon Rising is finally shown.


Having enjoyed last year's visit to the UK so much, Joss Whedon is coming back for more - and this time he's meeting the fans. Buffy's producer/creator has agreed to join the already guest-packed Nocturnal convention this summer.

Tickets for the event sold out a long time ago but it's unlikely Joss will escape media attention during the trip - especially with Charisma Carpenter in tow! Keep an eye out for interviews and TV spots.


With great scripting and stellar performances usually attracting the most attention, it's often easy to forget that the skills of Buffy and Angel's makeup and hair styling artists are amongst Hollywood's finest. Coating David Boreanaz with such large amounts of hair gel is an art very few have mastered!

In recognition of this, both shows have been nominated in several categories at this year's Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards:

  • Best Contemporary Makeup in a Series - Buffy (Restless)
  • Best Contemporary Hair Styling in a Series - Buffy (Restless)
  • Best Period Makeup in a Series - Angel (Darla)
  • Best Period Hair Styling in a Series - Buffy (Fool for Love) and Angel (Darla)
  • Best Special Makeup Effects in a Series - Buffy (New Moon Rising) and Angel (The Shroud of Rahmon)

The awards will be presented at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles on 17/03/2001 - so long as nobody has a a bad hair day.


Julie (Darla) Benz has followed Alyson Hannigan and Emma Caulfield by getting glamorous for ‘lads’ magazine. In addition to a stunning photo shoot for the current US edition of FHM, Julie chats about some of her more unusual fans:

"A lot of them like to dress up like the characters, which is fun and cool," she says. "But this guy once asked me, ‘If you could make anyone a vampire, who it would be?’ And I knew by the way he asked that he really meant it. I am not a vampire. I don't even know that much about vampires, to be honest."

The magazine may be a little tricky for UK fans to track down but articles from the American version frequently appear in the UK edition soon after.

Something else to look forward to in print will be the long-overdue comics debut of Faith. Buffy writer/producer Jane Espenson is currently penning a mini-series for the rogue slayer which will be a published by Dark Horse later this year.


Xander Harris would more likely to go for doughnuts than whip up a gourmet dish for the Scoobies, but Nicholas Brendon's talents in the kitchen are far greater. According to a mini interview Nick gave the WB last week, his latest obsession is cooking.

“I buy a new cookbook every week,” reveals Nick. I'm into making everything. Cookies, pies and I just did my first duck. If you're having people over, the secret to it is butter, butter, butter. It works every time. Just don't tell any of the guests."

We hope Nick has put his new-found culinary skills to good use and baked a special cake: Tony Head celebrates his 47th Birthday on 20/02/2001.


For those of you wanting news on Scooby Doo, Doug Petrie's interview is still available (RealMedia).

Rob Francis edits UK fan site The Watcher's Web.

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