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18 June 2014
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Mayor Richard Wilkins III

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Mayor Richard Wilkins III

There have been hints that something was rotten at the heart of Sunnydale since 'School Hard', and evidence started to point towards the town’s mayor in 'I Only Have Eyes For You'. We finally discover the truth in 'Homecoming', when Mayor Richard Wilkins III recruits Mr Trick to help him control the population as he prepares for a very “important” year, which will culminate in a ceremonial ascension to ultimate power. He has already acquired a level of invulnerability. The Mayor has kept a close eye on Buffy’s activities (and vice versa), and their paths have crossed quite regularly. He has recently recruited Faith, the rogue slayer, to assist him, following Mr Trick’s untimely demise.

The Mayor has an obsession with personal hygiene, a penchant for golf and a cabinet full of shrunken heads, bones and supernatural paraphernalia…

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