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18 June 2014
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The Master

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The Master (Mark Metcalf) is the oldest and most powerful vampire. He became trapped in Sunnydale 60 years ago when his plan to open the Hellmouth - a gateway to unleash demonic forces - was thwarted by an earthquake. Now Sunnydale High School lies on top of the Hellmouth and has become the focus of vampire activity. The town has a new arrival, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who battles to prevent The Master's escape and his plan to take over the world.

The Master's origins are cloaked in mystery and his power is unquestionable. He acts through his minions (such as Luke and Darla) and is ruthless if they fail in their tasks. After defeating Buffy in 'Prophecy Girl' the Hellmouth opened, and The Master enjoyed a moment of freedom. Shortly afterwards Buffy threw him through a glass roof onto a wooden stake in the room below, and he crumbled to dust…

In an alternate universe where Buffy had never come to Sunnydale (depicted in 'The Wish') The Master reigned supreme. He even managed to kill the Slayer, before Anyanka’s spell was reversed and things returned to normal.

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Amy Madison


The Anointed One

Catherine Madison

Ethan Rayne


Der Kindestod

Lyle & Tector Gorch

Marcie Ross

The Master

Mayor Wilkins


Mr Trick

The Order of Taraka

Ovu Mobani

The She Mantis

Spike & Drusilla

The Swimming Team

Ted Buchanan

The Zookeeper

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