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18 June 2014
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As season one of Buffy is released on DVD in America, we talk exclusively to Fox Home Entertainment's Peter Staddon.

The man responsible for bringing us digital Buffy and Angel tells us about extras, widescreen and what's to come.

My, how you've grown

  Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your job?

Why, why, why?

  What would you say to fans outside America - who probably have all the VHSs - about buying the DVDs too?

The late show

  We've had season one on DVD in the UK for a while now. Why were the US region one discs delayed for so long?

Extra Special

  Who oversaw the extras for the DVDs and how were they produced?

Digital Differences

  The region one release has some additional interviews not present on the region two discs. Were the two created at the same time or not?

Pilot still unaired

  There was a rumour at one point that the original 20 minute pilot episode of Buffy was going to be on the DVD. Was that ever the case?

The Pack

  Will you go with the book style packaging of the UK release?

Seeing the bigger picture

  Are we going to be seeing widescreen Buffy and Angel releases any time soon?

Thinking of you

  Do you think that the nature of the extras will change for more recent seasons, as the Buffy team become more DVD 'savvy'?

Once More, but longer

  Is it the intention that the DVDs will include the uncut version of the musical episode?

Coming Soon...

  What other things should we be looking out for in cult Fox DVDs at the moment?

Time up for tape?

  Now the DVD has such a foothold, how long do you see VHS staying around?

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