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18 June 2014
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Features | Marti Noxon Online Chat
Planning Ahead

PicturePreparing for Buffy's future, the appeal of the show and hopeful writers.

Mark Clarke: How far ahead does Joss actually plan?

Well, we know, for instance, what the end of this season we’re working on now is and we have many ideas about what the arc of next season will be. So, we’re talking about it, but we’re still at the stage where it’s maybe this, maybe that.

By the time we end the season, by the time we reach episode 22, we’ll know what next season’s going to be.

James Stead: Will Buffy ever end or will it go on forever?

I think Buffy will live on in the hearts of man for all time. But as far as the show goes… no, it won’t go on forever. I know for both myself and for Joss, that at a certain time then we will move on to other projects.

That doesn’t mean that the people who own the rights to the shows won’t do Buffy Babies, and Buffy sequels for all time. But, will Joss and I be involved? Definitely, no. So the show will definitely change.

Katie Walker: Why do you think Buffy is so popular? What is it’s appeal?

I think it’s popular because it works on so many different levels. It isn’t just one kind of show, it’s dramatic and funny and fantastic and very serious all at the same time. So, there’s something for everyone. I think that at the very basic level, that’s the secret.

Tim: How should aspiring writers get to write for shows like Buffy and Angel?

It’s different for everybody, but, first of all you have to write. A lot. And get good at it. Then, what happened with me was that I submitted material. You have to work in the business I think, or be close to it. I was an assistant for years, and got an agent as a result of being an assistant to a producer.

I don’t think without any sort of relationship within the film and television industry you can really get a break. Unfortunately, material sent willy-nilly usually doesn’t hit the mark.

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