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18 June 2014
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Features | Marti Noxon Online Chat
Wild at Heart

PictureDirecting past triumphs, favourite characters and Fray

Chris Craven: If you could direct any other episode that you have written, which one would it be and why?

Probably Wild at Heart, just because that episode was very close to my heart. The kind of metaphor that was working in that episode and also another episode with Oz and Willow, was really resonant for me - the idea that most of us have a creature inside of us that makes us do things that we wish we didn’t do.

Plus, the whole issue of sexuality between men and women is kind of fraught because of the beast. So, I would have loved to get into those episodes. I thought they were great and the directors did great jobs, but I was particularly invested there.

Rach Me: Who is your favourite character to write for and why?

Honestly, I identify the most with Buffy. Not because I can crush things with my hands, or I am super-strong. Because (and fortunately it’s changed for me) like Buffy, my love life was a mess for years and years, and I just couldn’t get it together. So I’m constantly identifying with her. Trying to be it all and failing.

Gary: Is Spike’s friendship with Dawn genuine or just motivated out of his love for Buffy?

I believe that it’s genuine. I believe that Spike has a genuine appreciation for her, for her plight. I can’t give stuff away, but yes, I think it is genuine.

Emily: Are there any plans to bring Fray off the page? Into film or television format?

Not at the moment. It’s its own thing now.

Host: Are there any other spin-offs you’d particularly like to see?

Only a sit-com. The ex-friends of the Slayer sitcom. I think I’d love to see a Faith show. I’d love to see her in her own show.

Jeremy: Do you think you’d be able to get Eliza Dushku back again?

I think it’s unlikely. But this is my fantasy series right?

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