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18 June 2014
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Juliet Landau Interview

Juliet Landau Juliet Landau visited the UK recently to attend the End of Days convention in Blackpool, and promote the release of Buffy season six on DVD.

We grabbed her for a chat about her character, action figures, Angel and more.

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The start of a long relationship

  Can you tell us about how you came to be on Buffy? Did you expect to still be involved after so much time?

Southern-style Spike

  James Masters said that he initially tried Spike with a southern accent. Did you have any alternatives to how you played Drusilla?

A perfect pairing

  What is it about the pairing of you and James Marsters that has captured peoples' imaginations so much?

Working with the master

  How have you found working with Joss Whedon?

Cult heritage

  Coming from a showbiz heritage (Martin Landau and Barbara Bain), did your parents give you any tips about acting in cult shows from their own experience?

Demonic doll

  Do you approve of your action figure? The one I saw seemed quite gory.

Toybox favourites

  Drusilla was known for her liking for toys. Did you have a favourite toy as a child?

Beyond reason

  What do you draw on to depict the madness that's one of Drusilla's defining characteristics?

Holiday in history

  Drusilla's been around for two hundred years now. If you had the chance to live in any of those periods in history, what would you pick?

Goodbye to Drusilla?

  How do you feel about Buffy drawing to a close now? Is it the end for Drusilla as well?

Popular reaction

  have you had a lot of interaction with the fans?

Examining the extras

  Do you enjoy analysing your work for DVD commentaries and so on?

Independent woman

  You've done quite a lot of work in the independent movie scene. Can you tell us about the attraction of that?

Wickedly fashionable

  Do you think the evil characters get to dress better on Buffy?

Sunnydale vs. LA

  Is there a different feel working on Angel as opposed to Buffy?

Blackpool rock

  What brings you to the UK right now?

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