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18 June 2014
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Drew Z. Greenberg


The new creative force on Buffy's season six writing staff gives us the lowdown on his episodes.

Find out about his first meeting with Joss Whedon, developing Dawn, and what really terrifies him...

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Back To School

  How did your writing career begin?

Now't so queer as folk

  Is it true that you wrote scripts for the American version of Queer as Folk?

Sexy Slayer

  Which show has more sex in it, Queer as Folk or season six of Buffy?

Addicted to magic

  Was it difficult to handle the drug addiction metaphor that Willow is going through in your first script, Smashed?

Talking Italian

  Did you get any feedback from Alyson Hannigan? Was she worried that Willow was going to be portrayed in a darker light?

The Rat is back

  Fans will undoubtedly be indebted to you for bringing back Amy. How have you moved her character forward?

Scene Stealer

  One theme that's been running throughout the season is Dawn's developing kleptomania. How have you tackled that in your scripts?

Terrifying Traffic

  Now that you're in the business of writing horror, what was the last thing that really scared you?

Meeting the Boss

  Describe your first meeting with Joss Whedon.

Party Time

  Tell us about encountering your fans at this year's Posting Board Party charity event.

Redeeming Spike

  Given the way the Buffy/Spike relationship is developing this season, do you think he's redeemable as a character?

Unasked Questions

  What's the one question no one ever asks you - and what's your answer?

Upcoming Episodes

  Tell us what kind of stories you will be scripting for the rest of season six.

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