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18 June 2014
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Doug Petrie with weaponry. Grrr!
Doug Petrie
Buffy producer's inside guide

Who Are You?
Watch out for more Watcher's Council.

BBC : In the bodyswap scenes, did the mannerisms come out of the writing or did Sarah and Eliza study each other during rehearsals and give you feedback?

Doug Petrie: I think in these two episodes, the writing and the acting are so thoroughly blended that it's impossible to separate one from the other. They were given a lot on the page but then both actresses created so much. You just can't script every mannerism. They studied one another and it's funny. David Fury was jokingly suggesting that the two-parter should have been called Faith Off. (laughs)

BBC : Very good, I like that...

Doug Petrie: Fortunately the characters are established enough, as in the Nick Cage/John Travolta thing. Nick Cage and John Travolta are such established movie stars that it's fun for the audience to watch them send each other up. We got to play with that too, where Faith and Buffy are such established characters at this point that they got to really have fun playing each other. I thought they both did marvellous jobs.

BBC : The two-parter also introduced the Watcher's Council retrieval team. Is that a concept that will be built upon and are there certain facets of that mythology that you as a writer would like to play with? Is there a lot of potential in the Watcher's Council that needs to be tapped?

Doug Petrie: Well, I wrote one line for these guys. The line was, "Hello Rupert" and it was one of the most fun things that I've ever seen on the show. I think that the actors who played the black ops - a branch of the Council - just had great faces and were great actors.

The Council - again I feel the need to be a little bit teasing - will return in season five. There are more branches than we know of, and they are of benefit to Buffy. To some degree Buffy needs them more than she cares to admit herself. They're not entirely benign so they are a very complicated organisation.

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