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18 June 2014
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Interviews | Scott Allie
Hands-on Joss
Buffy comic coverWhat's Joss's involvement with the comics?

He had very little involvement for the first few years. His staff dealt with me and the comics, but that staff was not as familiar with comics as Joss. I really would've benefited from direct contact with him then, and I think the series would have started better. But of course, that's really unique in comics.

We do a lot of licensed books, and almost never do the people at the top deal directly with us. But then Doug Petrie expressed interest in writing comics. That opened the door for the other writers, like Jane Espenson. That eventually led to Joss saying he wanted to write a comic. At first it was going to be a Faith series, but then he decided on Fray. As we started talking about that, I started tapping him for more advice about the other comics.

The way it works now is that on the books he writes, like Fray and the upcoming Tales of the Vampires, he practically edits the book with me. On ones he does not write, his biggest contribution is informal, through conversations we have about other things which turn back toward the monthly or the other projects I do.

Really, just the experience of working on Fray with him has taught me more about his aesthetics than watching the show could ever do. It's in that way that his influence has most affected the various Buffy comics.

Are there any plans for Joss to write a follow-up to Fray?

Not so much plans, but we are talking about it. He has a few things he wants to write, and the truth is I think it's Fray that he's most interested in.

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