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18 June 2014
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This episode manages to be more boring than last week's and yet far more irritating.

Point of fact: This has the best cast of any episode of Buffy ever: Faith, Giles, Spike and The Mayor all together - can you imagine how special this episode should have been? There is almost no excuse for something to be this rubbish, horrible, and irritating. How could you waste this guest cast? How?

Why does Sarah Michelle Gellar spend most of the episode hiding under a blanket? Embarrassment.


What the hell happened here? Did somebody get their script in late, forcing the Buffy team to stitch together a load of season six left-overs into a hideous, shambling soapy monster? Because this has got to be the very, very worst Buffy episode I've ever seen, worse than Beer Bad, worse than Weight of the World, worse, almost, than not having any Buffy at all.

The actors struggle manfully against the appalling lines, but it still comes over like a feature length Kleenex advert. Or, given the amount of incredibly prurient sex, a public information film about contraception.

That is, all up to the last five minutes, when suddenly the crap Touched ends and a completely different, exciting episode turns up instead. I can only assume Joss got back off holiday at that point, and made the writers all stop what they were doing. And then shot them. I hope.


If this was an episode of Friends it would be called 'The one where they all get it on'. Yes they're all at it, well the ones anyone cares about, oh and not Giles or Andrew, but to be entirely accurate would produce far too long a title. Yes, it's time for a filler episode where the production team get all the angst out of their system ready for the season finale - well, here's hoping.

Luckily the mushy stuff is halted by a killer cliff-hanger, with the potentials going into battle, Faith finding a chest full of explosives and Buffy squaring up to Caleb, which all bodes well for the next episode.

One question, why at the beginning of the episode is it night time at Buffy's house, but daytime elsewhere (hence the reason why Spike cannot leave)?

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