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18 June 2014
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Our small shrine to the dumbest man on TV. This week:

"I am a lesbian." Riley comes out of the closet. Get back in there, you silly boy.

Riley admits to practising conversations with Buffy. He further goes on to announce that relations with Buffy are "like an oral exam." Tell me we're not the only ones with raised eyebrows.

"You can have the best time in a car." Riley behaves like a typical drooling boy as soon as he starts talking about cars.

City of Angel: Buffy's been in LA. When originally shown, this episode followed on from Buffy's appearance in an episode of Angel. Shown out of context like this, it just looks odd.

Moan: Everyone makes endless references to how boring Willow's constant whining has been. Have we missed something? She's been reasonably well adjusted for the last three episodes - especially compared to Buffy, who is allowed weeks of "it's tearing me apart" behaviour whenever her love life hiccups.

Bad Do: Buffy's hair this week brings back unpleasant memories of Beer Bad.

Willow's beer: Willow's half bottle of low alcohol lager comes in for strong criticism. Further evidence of the show's strict moral approach to underage drinking (see Beer Bad - if you have to).

Blink 182: All the Small Things is playing at the Bronze. It was something of a hit over here.

Which witch?: This episode feature the fourth, momentary appearance of Amy the witch. She was first in The Witch, then in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and finally in Gingerbread, where she became stuck as a rat. Amy is played by Elizabeth Anne Allen, who originally auditioned for the part of Buffy! The writers finally managed to bring her back in season six episode Smashed.

Steel Magnolias: This film is often name-checked as the Ultimate Chick Flick. It features Cher and lots of hugs.

D'Hoffryn you a job: D'Hoffryn the demon was first seen in Dopplegangland, refusing to give Anya back her powers. It's in this episode we learn Anya used to be human.

Wind: Buffy and Spike decide on Wind Beneath my Wings at their wedding. This touching romantic ballad (bleurgh!!) by Bette Midler is a very popular matrimonial choice.

Pansies: Xander has pansies on his shirt. They are horrible.

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